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About Our System

The Seagate Mobile Security System

Seagate is a proven, self contained system that operates on batteries and is charged by solar power. The system is installed in your location. It is completely tamperproof and is in constant communication with a central station. Once the system has been tripped it takes less than one second to send the signal making it impossible to disable.


  • No Dedicated Power Source Needed
  • No On-Site Phoneline Required
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Easy Arming and Disarming
  • Fleet Management
  • Simple Installation
  • Made in the USA

What Our Customers Are Saying

"For over 24 years, Seagate's Mobile Security System has protected our equipment, tools, and materials. They currently monitor dozens of office and tool trailers for our business. As a  result, our losses have been drastically reduced and our employee and project downtime has been cut in half.

The system is automatically tracked via GPS hardware over the cellular network. No longer is it necessary to have office staff manually keep track of the locations of the trailers as they move to different jobsites."

-E.S. Wagner Company

Civil and Highway Construction Company

Value proposition

Save Money

Our system has a proven loss prevention record. It can easily pay for itself many times over by thwarting just one burglary.

Save Time

Theft from jobsites not only costs money in lost tools and materials, but also lost time and production when workers are unable to perform their jobs.

Many Options to Arm and Disarm

Our system can be armed and disarmed via a local keypad, remotely via PC or Smartphone using our free customer portal, or via simple text messaging.

Portal Access Included

Our feature rich portal allows equipment and jobsite managers to easily manage an entire fleet of systems and authorized users and view their systems and status at a glance on a nationwide map.

Live monitoring

Our systems are monitored by a UL listed central station staffed with security professionals 24/7/365. They will contact you in the event of an alarm and dispatch police to the systems location.

Ease Of Use

With advanced automatic GPS tracking, wireless cellular connectivity and a solar charged battery, our system is the easiest to use and maintain on the market. You literally need only arm/disarm the system, that's it!


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