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Construction Site Security

The risk is real. You need to protect your assets and investments throughout a construction project. Seagate Mobile Security Solutions has options custom-tailored to your needs.

Construction Site Concerns

Construction projects require equipment. Lots of equipment. Leaving your equipment on the job site is a no-brainer. It saves you valuable time. But, leaving your very expensive equipment in the field for long periods of time could make you the target of thieves looking to make a quick buck.

Protecting your equipment from construction site theft is important. You don’t want someone to swoop in during the middle of the night and steal it. What do you do?

A secure fence perimeter on the job site is an effective option. Simply keep your equipment and tools inside. This will help keep the bad guys out. It’s the most common choice for construction site security.

This works great when your construction project is stationary. But what happens if your job site is portable? How do you keep equipment and tools safe from theft when your job site is not always in one place? What if your equipment and tools frequently move from one location to the next? This produces a whole new level of challenges for security.

You need to make sure that you can securely lock up your valuables and know they will be there when you arrive the next day to continue work. For these types of construction projects, trailers are used to store equipment and tools. These large trailers are equipped with locks but that is not enough to keep the thieves at bay. These trailers need additional layers of security to keep everything inside them safe and secure.

Why Are Job Sites Targeted by Thieves?

Construction sites can be a goldmine for thieves. Job sites with weak security measures and a lack of construction site theft monitoring are easy pickings.

Construction site theft tends to be a small risk that comes with a big reward for crooks. Small tools, like drills and hammers, can be swiped easily and re-sold quickly. The same goes for construction materials. Thieves can turn them over quickly to unsuspecting buyers with little worry of getting caught.

Expensive, heavy machinery can be sold for big money on the black market. There is no national database for construction equipment, so less than 25% of it is ever recovered. The bad guys know this, too. So, they have little fear of ever being caught.

In addition, some construction site managers just don’t want to pay the price tag that often comes with security solutions for construction sites. An unsecured job site is just inviting construction site theft.

You need a better line of defense to keep construction site criminals out of your job site. Without adequate construction site security, you might as well just hand the crooks your keys.

The Impact of Construction Equipment Theft

It can be devastating when your equipment gets stolen. You have to replace it and that costs money. Money that impacts the bottom line or will increase insurance premiums when you make a claim.

But it does not stop there.

You lose precious production time on your project because the equipment and tools you need aren’t available for that period of time between when they disappear and you replace them. This lost production time is costly.

Another thing to consider is the time and resources that you, the construction company, must spend to deal with the theft. Not only do you need to replace the equipment and make up for lost production time, you need to figure out who did this, where your job site was vulnerable, and how to prevent this from happening again.

You Need a Better Way

What you need is a construction site security system that will prevent theft in the first place.

You need to make the trailers housing your equipment secure so that, even if someone were to break in, they do not get far.

You need a security system that will stop these thieves dead in their tracks.

Better Job Site Security

There is a better way to secure your job site. Technology allows you to easily place surveillance cameras all around your construction site, and GPS technology can be used to track your vehicles in case of construction site theft. Geo-fencing allows you to create a virtual perimeter around your construction site. It will cut the engine of equipment once it is moved outside a certain area and alert you that it has been moved.

Simply marking your machinery and tools with your company’s logo can deter theft, too. Thieves don’t want to work too hard removing any markings. So, equipment that is clearly marked by the owner is harder to sell and easier to recover.

It is also important to keep your construction site well-lit at all times. Crooks want to be inconspicuous, so lighting up your site at night will keep them at bay. The more light, the greater the risk is of them being seen.

While all of these efforts are helpful, they are still not enough to solve the problem. With construction site theft continuing to rise, you need a surefire way to keep your equipment safe and secure.

You need a custom security solution as unique as every construction job you work.

Construction Site Security Challenges

Your construction site security is only as tight as the system you have in place to deter theft. You might think the solutions you have in place for job site security are top-notch, when in reality, weaknesses in your system make you an easy target.

Can your security system be easily disarmed? Is your fence easy to open or climb? Is your job site susceptible to vandalism? These are all common issues that make your construction site security weak.

Another common pain point in traditional job site security systems is when it requires a phone line and dedicated power source. It becomes more of a burden than a help because it has to be disconnected and reconnected every time the job site trailer is moved to a new job.

It’s also an inconvenience if you need to be on-site to arm or disarm the system, and if it requires administrative involvement to keep track of job site trailer locations. It is simply impossible for you to be on-site all of the time. And if your system costs extra for 24/7/365 monitoring, you might want to think about finding a better security solution.

The Seagate Mobile Security Difference

Discover the Seagate Mobile Security difference. We have created a self-contained mobile security system that reduces job site theft and protects your valuable equipment. Our tamperproof system is installed directly in your trailer. Additional motion sensors are installed wherever they are needed. The system is in constant contact with a central station, so all of the security features are activated the moment the system is triggered. That happens in less than a second.

There may be other mobile security systems on the market, but they do not size up to Seagate Mobile Security. Our system is different by design with unique features:

Motion Detectors

Our construction site security solution offers motion sensors to detect an intrusion instantly.

No On-Site Phone Line Required

It connects to cellular towers in the area, and it automatically updates its location when the trailer is moved to notify the correct local authorities in case of an attempted theft.

No Dedicated Power Source Needed

Our system is self-contained. It does not require a wired power source or an internet connection. It is powered by solar panels and eliminates the need to charge batteries or run power to the trailer.

Easy Arming and Disarming from Off-Site via Web or Cell Phone

It can be armed and disarmed remotely. Individual access codes can also be provided to employees, so you know who is arming/disarming the trailer and when.

GPS Location Tracking

Advanced GPS technology sends your unit’s exact location, map, and phone number directly to the local authorities the moment it is triggered.

Fleet Management

An online dashboard allows you to easily monitor the location and status of all of your trailers in the field.

Simple Installation

Expert installation by Seagate professionals is available but can easily be done by you. Each system is programmed so nothing else is required once it is installed.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring by our central station is included.

Tamper Proof

Each system is enclosed in durable 14-gauge powder-coated steel.

Made in the USA

Seagate Mobile Security understands where weaknesses lie in other systems. We provide a better way to protect your equipment and secure your job site from theft.

Your Job Site Security Solution

Get started by talking to one of the Seagate Mobile Security Solutions experts to learn more. We can address the problem of job site theft and ease the burden of dealing with it before it ever happens in the first place or happens again.

Our system will:




The Seagate Mobile Security System pays for itself by protecting your equipment and supplies and keeping them out of the hands of criminals. Just ask our customers, like the E.S. Wagner Company.

“For over 24 years, Seagate’s Mobile Security System has protected our equipment, tools, and materials. They currently monitor dozens of office and tool trailers for our business. As a result, our losses have been drastically reduced and our employee and project downtime has been cut in half. The system is automatically tracked via GPS hardware over the cellular network. No longer is it necessary to have office staff manually keep track of the locations of the trailers as they move to different job sites.”

Try it for yourself.

Contact Seagate Mobile Security to schedule a free demo of our construction site security solution and an assessment of current job site security measures. With Seagate Mobile Security Systems, construction site theft can be one less thing you have to worry about on the job.