Our portable alarm systems are designed to work throughout a variety of different industries. Since they do not require a dedicated power source or an on-site phone line, our portable alarm systems are completely mobile. This makes our product extremely useful for a variety of industries.

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction sites can be difficult to monitor, which means they tend to be vulnerable to theft. There are a lot of valuable materials that people try to steal from construction sites, especially at night when no one is on-site working. Construction workers themselves may even be tempted to steal tools and equipment if the chance presents itself. Our portable alarm systems help deter potential thieves and keep commercial construction sites secure. As a result, you can prevent delays in construction caused by the theft of materials as well as reduce the costs of replacing stolen equipment. Not to mention that keeping track of your alarms as you go from site to site is easy with our GPS tracking feature.

Residential Construction

Like a commercial construction site, a residential construction site can be quite vulnerable to theft and vandalism. This is especially true if the construction site consists of an entire neighborhood of houses being constructed at the same time and there aren’t a lot of occupied homes in the immediate vicinity. Every night, the area will typically be abandoned and theft will be a lot easier.

Even if this isn’t the case and the construction site is nestled in an existing community, neighbors aren’t going to be alarmed if they see someone they don’t know on the site since they will become used to seeing construction workers coming in and out all day. Thieves often target residential construction sites as a result of the high-priced appliances that are often being installed. Our portable alarms systems will protect your residential construction sites from such opportunistic theft.


Landscape companies are constantly on the move. Odds are that if you own a landscape company, you may even have several contractors working under you who are working in different parts of town at the same time. Their ability to do their jobs depends on the equipment they are using. This equipment can vary in value and their loss can hurt your bottom line as well as your ability to keep your schedule for your customers. That’s why you need to make sure you have an alarm system installed where you keep your equipment.

However, the real challenge lies in keeping equipment secure while on the job. Because our alarm systems are portable, this too is possible. By keeping your equipment secured even while it’s being driven around, your contractors will have less to worry about and will be able to focus on doing their jobs.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicle (RV) owners have a lot to lose. The last thing you want is for an RV to be stolen or broken into. Installing our mobile alarm system can help scare away potential thieves who may be trying to break into your RVs. Even if they do make off with the RV, our mobile security systems come equipped with GPS tracking and are tamper-proof, which means that the RV can still be tracked down.

Our portable alarms systems can help protect your business in a number of ways, especially in these different industries. To find out more about our portable alarms systems and how they can benefit your business, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today.