A construction site manager has many things to oversee on a job site, and construction site theft is a reality most supervisors face on large construction jobs. Most job sites are vulnerable to theft, simply by the nature of the sites. They are open, outdoors, and can be difficult to secure. Site managers who make construction site security a priority with high-tech solutions are finding that the risk of theft on their sites has noticeably decreased.

Project manager and construction site supervisor looking over the plans.

Why are Job Sites So Vulnerable to Theft?

To a thief, large construction sites are an easy target, and easy targets are vulnerable to theft. Equipment and materials are usually left out in the open and unattended overnight or even for several days during a project. All of these materials can be scrapped or resold for quick cash, and the chances of being caught are slim. Most materials, even large pieces of equipment, are nearly impossible to track.

What Construction Site Theft Will Cost You

Construction site theft can cost you more than simply the cost of the materials and equipment. Most materials and equipment are not recovered in construction site theft, so there is the replacement cost, but there is much more. You will lose time working on the project due to the lost materials and equipment, which will not only delay the current job, but can potentially delay any upcoming jobs as well. You will pay the price of high insurance premiums. And most importantly, construction site theft can cost you your reputation. Your clients may lose confidence in your construction business and this is difficult to rebuild. With the high costs, investing in quality construction site security is the obvious choice.

How to Improve Your Job Site Security

Having a plan is the most important piece to construction site security. The first thing to do as a job site manager is to create a security plan specific to the project and site where you are working. Communicate your plan with your employees and encourage all workers on the site to take responsibility for security. Some specific things you can do to improve your job site security are:

  •   Ensure your equipment is difficult to move at the end of the workday. Surround smaller equipment with larger, heavier equipment. Remove the keys from the equipment and secure the keys in the trailer.
  •   Make sure you have an accurate and current inventory of all the materials and equipment on your site. All the serial numbers should be noted. If you don’t know exactly what you have, it will be difficult to know what is missing if your site is compromised, and if you have the serial numbers, any stolen equipment will be easier to track.
  •   Fencing is a low-cost and low-tech solution that can be very effective. If your site is easy to access, it will be targeted. A fenced site with limited access points that can be secured may be enough to deter thieves looking for an easy target.
  •   Lighting can also be enough to deter thieves. Lights set off by motion sensors can scare a potential thief from finishing the job.
  •   A mobile security system is one of the best investments you can make for your construction site security. These systems can be controlled remotely and are extremely effective in deterring thieves with lights and alarms. High-tech solutions also have the potential to alert both the site manager and the authorities and provide authorities with all the information they need to follow and find the stolen equipment.

Given the high cost of construction site theft, investing in construction site security should be a priority for all job site managers. Making simple changes such as keeping a current inventory, securing the site at the end of the work day, and investing in a mobile security system can keep the site secure and keep your job on track. With Seagate Mobile Security solutions, you can spend more time watching your bottom line and less time worrying about job site theft. Contact us today to set up a demo of our mobile security solution.