Recreational vehicles have long been a target of theft, and it’s no surprise. Recreational vehicles are built for travel, and manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to make their products lighter and easier to tow. While looking nice and remaining towable, these vehicles can become vulnerable to theft due to their light construction.

Campground Security Has Its Limits

Sure, campgrounds and public lodging areas have security, but they don’t know who belongs where. If someone sees a person approach your RV, they probably won’t be alarmed as they don’t know you either. For all they know, that person is someone you know.

And a security system for your RV sure can be useful if you camp off the grid, too. Thanks to built-in GPS tracking, local authorities will be immediately notified if your RV alarm has been triggered. Since it’s solar-powered, you’ll never have to worry about supplying power to the unit, and if you camp out a lot, you can already imagine how convenient all of these features will be.

Arm and Disarm with Your Smartphone

Arming and disarming the unit remotely is a favorite feature among our customers. And the tamper-proof design puts all other portable security systems at a disadvantage. If you’re ready to implement a superior level of security to your next RV adventure, contact us today to learn more about our innovative portable security system and how it can benefit you.