When preparing a new construction site, security should be at the forefront of every site manager’s mind. Construction site theft is a frustrating and ongoing problem that is not disappearing, and theft from a large job site can cost you in many ways. Your reputation will suffer, you’ll feel the financial strain of replacing equipment and paying higher insurance premiums, and you will lose time spent working on the job. This may delay not only the current project, but any future projects as well. Because construction site theft comes at such a high cost, investing in high-tech security measures is the smart choice for managers who are preparing a new site.

Large construction site in the sunset.

Add a Surveillance System to Your Construction Site Security

A mobile security system is one of the best investments you can make for construction site security. A mobile security system can include cameras, motion sensors, alarms, GPS tracking, and the ability to alert the authorities quickly. These systems can be controlled 24/7/365 and can be accessed remotely, allowing you to be “present” at the site at all times.

Consider Motion Sensor Lighting

Using motion sensor lighting will use less energy than standard lighting and may actually be more effective than lighting a site full time. If a site is well lit at all times, activity after hours may not draw attention and can actually allow thieves an easier time. Motion sensor lighting avoids these issues. When sensors detect movement, the lights will turn on, drawing attention to the job site and potentially shedding light on a theft in progress. Motion sensor lighting works best placed along the perimeter of the site or near material trailers.

Make Use of GPS and Geofencing Technology

Using GPS and geofencing technology can help you quickly track and recover any equipment that may have been stolen. Although avoiding theft is the primary goal of construction site security, having a plan to quickly recover equipment cannot be overlooked. A geofence creates a digital perimeter around your job site and can shut down any equipment that is removed from the area. After hours you will get a notification via text if the equipment has moved. GPS tracking works in a similar way. Although it will not shut down equipment that is removed from the site, it will let you know exactly when and where it has been moved.

Use Technology to Assist in Record Keeping

There is plenty to keep track of on a large job site. Using technology to document all your materials and equipment, along with who is using it, can help. Record serial numbers and take photos, and make sure that everything is up to date. Many large construction sites have had success in keeping track of equipment, tools, and materials by the use of RFID tagging. When a tag is scanned, you will know exactly who used what and when they used it. It is much less likely for anything to go misplaced when technology is assisting with inventory and accountability.

Construction site security has many layers. Fencing, signage, and lighting are all good solutions that cannot be abandoned, but making use of technology is a smart way for construction site managers to keep their security plans moving toward the future. With a thorough approach to construction site security, site managers can focus on their projects and worry less about theft negatively impacting their job site. You can trust Seagate Mobile Security Solutions to keep your construction site safe with 24/7 monitoring, GPS tracking, and mobile arm and disarm capabilities. Contact us to talk about your security needs today!