If you own a landscaping company, then you’re well aware of how reliant you are on your landscaping equipment. In fact, you probably spend a significant amount of money maintaining your equipment and upgrading it in order to not just grow your business but to keep it afloat. It’s also why keeping your equipment safe from theft should be near the top of your list of priorities. Fortunately, this can be much easier and more affordable than you might realize with our Seagate portable alarms systems.

The Importance of Preventing Landscaping Equipment Theft

Keeping track of your equipment can be difficult, especially as your landscaping company grows and you begin employing more landscapers. Not only will you have vans full of expensive equipment out in the field on a daily basis, where they are more vulnerable to potential break-ins and theft, but your employees might be tempted to steal equipment as well if they’re not being monitored.

Making sure that your equipment doesn’t get stolen is vital to your landscaping business. The theft of equipment can have a seriously negative impact on your business. In fact, the following are the two main ways in which the theft of landscaping equipment could hurt you:

The Cost of Replacing Equipment

Landscaping equipment can be incredibly expensive. Especially lawn mowing equipment. Even smaller tools can be expensive to replace. You may invest a lot in the quality of your tools because you know that it allows for better quality work. But even if it’s low-cost tools that are being stolen, the cost of replacing those tools will eventually add up. In the end, whether low-priced or high-priced equipment is being stolen, the cost of replacing it can be crippling — especially if your business is just beginning to grow.

The Inability to Perform the Required Work

It’s not just the cost of replacing tools that can hurt your landscaping business if your equipment is stolen. It’s also the fact that your crews may not be able to perform the work that they were paid to do. If one of your crews arrives at a job site and they can’t do the landscaping work that they were scheduled to do as a result of missing equipment, your customer isn’t going to be very happy. You might even lose your customer altogether — and it certainly won’t help your reputation within the industry.

The Benefits of Our Portable Alarms Systems

Our portable alarms systems are perfectly suited to the landscaping industry because of the following reasons:

  • Portability – Our alarms are battery operated and do not require a dedicated phone line or power source. This makes them perfect for securing your equipment vans.
  • Solar-powered – The batteries used in our alarms are solar-powered, which means you should never run out of juice while out on the job.
  • Effectiveness – Some of the features included in our alarms systems include sirens, flashing/strobe lights, motion sensors, and cellular notification. You can even include shock sensors and door sensors as optional features.
  • Tamper-proof – First of all, our alarms are housed in durable 14-gauge powder-coated steel. Secondly, once the alarm has been tripped, a signal will be sent to a central station in less than a second.
  • Easy to use – Not only can you arm and disarm the alarms both locally and remotely, but you can also track their location due to the GPS tracking feature installed in every system. This makes it easy to keep track of your systems despite the fact that your crews are always on the move.

Your business is worth protecting. Ensure your landscaping company is protected against theft by installing our portable alarms systems on your equipment trucks, trailers, and vans. For more information, or to see one of the alarm systems first-hand, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today.