Construction site theft is big business…for thieves. Millions of dollars are lost to construction equipment and metal theft every year. Construction sites lacking surveillance and security are easy pickings for crooks.

Construction site security has been a challenge for years, but technology is helping to mitigate the occurrences of theft on large commercial construction job sites. As technology becomes more sophisticated, securing your job site becomes easier.

Large heavy equipment on a large construction site near a road.

Wireless Trailer Alarms

The construction industry now has a cutting-edge tool at its fingertips. Wireless, smart alarms are combatting construction site theft and offering flexible protection that is changing the face of construction site security.

These devices are designed to be a perfect fit for the construction industry. Wireless trailer alarms, like those offered by Seagate Mobile Security Solutions, are self-contained mobile security systems that reduce job site theft and protect your valuable equipment.

The tamper-proof systems can be installed directly in your trailer. Additional motion sensors are installed wherever they are needed. All of the security features are instantly activated the moment the system is triggered.

Features that Fight Theft

You want to know your equipment and tools will be there waiting when you arrive at the construction site. Large trailers with locks are just not enough. Wireless trailer alarms add an additional layer of security to keep everything safe and secure.

Take the wireless trailer alarms offered by Seagate. They add an additional level of protection to construction site security with features such as:

  • Motion Detectors

Our construction site security solution offers motion sensors to detect an intrusion instantly.

  • No On-Site Phone Line Required

It wirelessly connects to cellular towers in the area, and it automatically updates its location when the trailer is moved to notify the correct local authorities in case of attempted theft.

  • No Dedicated Power Source Needed

Our system is self-contained and tamper-proof. It does not require a dedicated power source or internet connection. It is powered by solar panels which eliminates the need to recharge batteries or run power to the trailer.

  • Easy Arming and Disarming from off-site via Web or Cell Phone

It can be armed and disarmed remotely. Individual access codes can also be provided to employees, so you know who is arming/disarming the trailer and when.

  • Keypad

Arming and disarming the portable alarm can also easily be done on-site via a keypad.

  • Auto Arming and Disarming Scheduling

There is a convenient option to schedule arming and disarming the system to take the worry out of forgetting to set it before leaving the job site for the day.

  • Reverse Geocaching and Location Tracking

Advanced GPS technology sends out a unit’s exact location, map, and phone number directly to the police the moment it is stolen.

  • Fleet Management

An online dashboard allows you to easily monitor the location and status of all trailers in the field.

The Seagate Mobile Security Difference

Seagate Mobile Security Solutions specializes in keeping your job site secure. Seagate has assisted companies with their construction site security for more than two decades. Our wireless construction trailer alarm includes:

–   Simple Installation

Expert installation by Seagate professionals is available but can easily be done by you. Each system is programmed so nothing else is required once it is installed.

–   24/7/365 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring by our central station is included.

–   Tamper-Proof

Each system is enclosed in durable 14-gauge powder-coated steel.

We take your construction site security seriously. Contact Seagate Mobile Security today to schedule a free demo of our high-tech security solution.