Large bulldozer on a big job site.

Construction site theft is a common and expensive problem for site supervisors to face. The cost of lost materials is high, but the complete and true cost is usually much higher. When a piece of large equipment goes missing, any supervisor knows that there is much more to do than simply replace the equipment. While it is a frustrating problem to face, construction site supervisors can take steps to save time and money while keeping their site secure.

What Job Site Theft Costs

When your construction site is targeted by thieves, assessing the cost is something a supervisor will need to address. Replacement cost is the first thing that most think of and the number recorded as a loss. However, this is not the only effect. A job site theft can cost you in:

  •   Replacement value of the material and equipment stolen.
  •   Delayed timeline of the project (while recovering or replacing the equipment).
  •   Increased insurance premiums.
  •   Loss of new jobs due to delays.
  •   Damage to the site by the theft.

Insurance. Damage. Delays. These costs are not insignificant, and will not only hurt your project financially, but will hurt your reputation. If your company has a history of delayed projects and problems with security, you may find it hard to find clients who trust you.

What Puts Your Site at Risk?

Most construction site theft occurs because the company is not proactive about prevention. If a site is poorly lit, with little to no security, many entry points, and equipment that is easily accessible with master keys, the chances it will be targeted are high. If your site uses many workers and subcontractors, theft may be hard to pinpoint if it comes from within. Many construction sites do not address these risk factors until it is too late, and then they face much higher costs than they would if they had invested in security features.

Using a Portable Alarm System to Improve Security

There are plenty of simple ways to address security. Motion sensing lights, a secure fence with signage and one access point, and complete and accurate records of equipment, materials, and workers is a good way to start. A portable alarm system is an investment that is well worth it.

Conventional security systems are not always possible in remote sites. A portable alarm system can adjust and adapt to your construction site to provide complete security coverage. These alarm systems can be activated remotely, detect any motion on the site, respond with lights and sirens to deter thieves, and alert the monitoring system immediately. Any security issue can be addressed quickly, and if a thief is not deterred by the activation of the alarm, a quick response will help the authorities track down the thief and stolen property.

Keeping your job site secure is a worthy investment, and with Seagate Mobile Security, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a portable security system you can trust without a dedicated power source or phone lines thanks to robust, rechargeable solar power. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your job site secure for good.