Heavy equipment being stored on a large construction site.

Theft of materials and equipment from construction sites is a problem that continues to grow, even with the increase in mobile security. Construction sites are often targeted for copper and other metals, as well as for equipment and materials. Contractors and supervisors can prepare themselves and make their sites less enticing for thieves.

How Construction Site Security Falls Short

Construction sites can be easy targets. Many lack effective security and loss prevention practices. In fact, many criminals have been conditioned to believe that construction sites are easy targets, and often, they are correct. Construction sites commonly have unlit and unsecured locations, especially overnight and on weekends. Large equipment often has open cabs with multiple pieces sharing the same keys.

What Contractors and Supervisors Can Do About Construction Site Theft

The first thing contractors and supervisors can do is to be present at the site whenever possible. Let your employees know that you are aware of what goes on at your site and the progress being made. Another way contractors and supervisors can help prevent construction site theft is to keep good records. Make sure supplies are only delivered as they are needed, rather than having an excess of supplies attracting attention. Making sure that you have a paper trail that follows your supplies and equipment will assure that you know exactly what is on site.

Making Your Job Site Secure

There are several ways to keep your job site as secure as possible. Keeping your job site well lit during off hours is often a powerful deterrent. Thieves rely on dark, unprotected areas where they can get in and out undetected. If they think someone could see them, they’ll often move on to less secure targets. Utilizing a mobile security system to assist you in monitoring the site is a good investment. A quality security system should be easy to use, have constant monitoring, be portable, and difficult to disarm. A mobile system from Seagate Mobile Security Solutions allows you to monitor as you move sites without a dedicated phone line or power source.

Being aware of the risks, keeping an eye on supplies and equipment, being present on the job, and implementing a security system dedicated to reducing theft on large commercial job sites can help keep your site from being another statistic in construction site theft. Losing inventory to theft is a time consuming and expensive hassle that can be avoided by thinking proactively. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you secure our job site.