Large construction site with construction crew working on big cement walls.

Securing a large construction site, whether it is road construction, a large commercial property, or any other project can be a challenging undertaking. Construction sites have a high risk of security issues, and construction site security is something that contractors and project managers need to address. When construction sites are targeted, they face ruined work, lost time on the project, and a large cost in equipment replacement and insurance premiums.

Why are Large Construction Sites Most at Risk?

Job sites, especially large ones, tend to be easy marks for thieves and vandals. Construction sites are at risk for theft or vandalism because they are out in the open, have multiple points of entry, little to no security when work is not being done, often poorly lit at night, and difficult to secure completely. Fencing and gating is not permanent, and therefore is more easily breached. Large equipment theft is a big problem because it is often left unsecured, and to a knowledgeable thief, can be easily sold with little paper trail.

What is Most at Risk on a Large Construction Site?

Materials are most at risk, because there is not an efficient system for tracking. Many large pieces of equipment are left unsecured and can be removed and resold by thieves. In addition to the loss of materials, construction sites that are targeted may also find that the work they’ve done was damaged by hurried thieves. Those looking for copper or wiring will often cause extensive damage when removing what they find valuable.

What are the Best Construction Site Security Strategies?

Construction site security should involve a mix of physical and technical deterrents. Locks, fences, barriers, and secure storage facilities is a good step, but without a mobile security system incorporating intruder detection and remote access to monitoring, it may not be enough. A thorough construction site security strategy will involve deterring thieves, detecting any suspicious activity, delaying that activity through physical locks and barriers, and initiating a security response. Generally, when those targeting large construction sites are challenged by any security measures, they will move on to easier targets that are less risk to them.

With the risk involved and the potential loss, construction site security should be an essential part of your planning and set up. Finding a mobile security system will help minimize loss and ensure a safe and secure construction site. With Seagate Mobile Security, you’ll find the solution to your mobile security needs. Contact us today to learn more.