Construction site theft is an ongoing and frustrating problem for site managers. Construction site security may not be what you want to focus on as you begin a new project, but if you don’t take the time to assess and address your construction site security measures, you may find yourself dealing with the headaches and frustrations in the aftermath of a theft.

Identify Your Construction Site Security Issues

Start by addressing the obvious issues. Is your site located in a remote area where a theft could go unnoticed? Is your site in a busy area where there is opportunity to slip in and out? What sort of materials and equipment will you be using? Do you have a dedicated crew of employees or will you be working with subcontractors? Look for the potential issues this site may bring and make a plan to address them before you start the job.

Do You Have a Security Plan?

If you don’t have a security plan, your construction site security is already compromised. As a site manager, you should have a written security plan that includes procedures for specific scenarios. Your employees should be aware of the plan. Consider having a designated security coordinator who will be available to contact outside of business hours. This coordinator will ensure that the site has the means to contact the police, fire department, or other relevant authorities if a situation occurs.

Have You Addressed Security Issues with Machinery and Tools?

All machinery should be marked by an identification number and inventoried by brand and model, including a serial number if at all possible. If you don’t know what you have, you can’t know what is missing. Machinery should be fitted with tracking devices, stored in a secure area after hours, and with the keys stored in a separate location. All power tools and hand equipment should also be marked, inventoried and stored in a secure place. Finally, you should have a checkout system so you know who has used a tool or handled large machinery.

Does Your Site Have a System for Inventory Control?

Your construction site security will be in much better shape if you have a system for inventory control. You should know exactly what materials, tools, and equipment are on your site at any given time, along with where they should be stored. A system for checking materials and equipment daily should be in place, and there should also be a system to know what is moving in and out of the construction site. All deliveries of material should be scheduled for when they are needed. That way, extra materials are not sitting around too long before they are needed in the build.

What Does the Perimeter Security Look Like?

Having a physical barrier to the site is important, and it is even better if there are limited access points to enter the site. Security warnings, guards, and locks on the gates are also important to a secure perimeter. Having an alarm system with adequate lighting, motion detectors, and cameras can help enhance security.

Have You Made Use of Technology?

GPS tracking, geofencing, mobile security systems, and secure data protection systems are important to construction site security. While low-tech methods are certainly important, taking advantage of the new technology can make the difference between catching a thief in the act and learning about a theft the next day.

Do You Have a Security Policy?

It’s not pleasant to think about, but some construction site theft is an inside job by an opportunistic or disgruntled employee. As the supervisor, you need to make sure that your employees know what your policies are from day one and what the incentive is to make sure that they are adhered to. All employees should be aware of the security policy. All employees should be encouraged to report suspicious activity.

Theft from your large construction site can cost you money, time, and most importantly, your reputation. Addressing construction site security measures at the beginning of each project is the right investment to ensure that your project is on the right track from the beginning. Seagate Mobile Security Solutions understands what you need in a mobile security system. With 24/7 monitoring, GPS tracking, and remote access all housed in a tamper proof 14-gauge powder-coated steel enclosure, our system will set the tone for security on your site from the start. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you mitigate theft on your large commercial construction site.