Seagate Mobile Security: Install Video

Congratulations on your new Seagate Alarm. We’ve provided this step-by-step video to help you install your new Seagate Mobile Alarm in your construction or mobile trailer.



When your Seagate Mobile alarm system arrives you’ll note the following items in your Seagate alarm box. A sign, motion detector, battery stabilizing bar, 2 different sizes of carriage bolts – long and short, a modem, and your strobe light.
A battery will be shipped separately and/or have local pickup available.

Inside your solar panel box, you’ll find your solar panels, brackets, washers, and screws.

To install your alarm box it’s best to have the following items on hand:

A hammer, long & shorter drill bit, a Phillips and flat screwdriver, a wrench, caulk gun and caulk, and a drill – with charged batteries.

Before you are ready to install your alarm, it’s best to get a little prep work out of the way.

For the alarm box, you will attach the motion sensor to the top of the box and feed the wires through the hole in the top of the box. To tighten the bolt, use a flat screwdriver and use the hammer to tighten it.

Attach the modem to the circuit board. Make sure to press until it clicks into place.

Then attach to the side of the box using the velcro strips already in place inside the box.

For the solar panels, you will want to attach each of the 4 brackets to the panel and tighten.

Box Placement

For the installation of the box inside the trailer, it’s best that you have two people. You may also want to use a level. After marking the hole for holding bolts, using the long drill bit, drill holes through the sidewall of your trailer wall.

Push the carriage bolt from the outside in to attach the box. Attach the box at the top and bottom and tighten the bolts.

Next, take the front off the motion detector to reveal the inside of the 4×4 box. There will be extra cord length inside, pull to your length. Using the precut hole as a guide, drill through the side of the trailer.

Solar Panel & Antenna Installation

Unclip your black and red wires and pull away from under the panel. Using your caulk gun, caulk the solar panel onto the roof of your trailer. You will then screw down the panel through the brackets to attach the panel to the roof.

Peel off the back and stick the antenna to the top of the trailer.

Wiring Your Seagate Alarm System

For the wiring of your box, you’ll take the wires from outside – the red, black, and antenna wires, and feed your wires through the hole you’ve made in the motion detector box.
Then feed wires through the conduit into the main box.

Take the jacket off the red solar panel wire and then attach it to the marked circuit. Using a small screwdriver, screw into place. Repeat for black wires.

Do a small pull test to make sure the wire is secure.

Attach red and blue power cords by snapping into place on the modem

Cut back the jacket to expose the 4 wires inside the gray wire and attach to the circuit board where indicated.

Installing the Strobe Light

Make a hole in the exterior of the trailer and attach the strobe light wires through the hole. Feed the wire through the conduit. Pull back the jacket and connect the wire using a screwdriver into the circuit board where indicated.

Securing The Battery

The battery will be shipped or picked up separately, and please note, it will be significantly smaller.
Using a carriage bolt, line up the square part on the bolt with the square hole on the bottom of the box and into the battery bar, then tighten it down with the nut. Repeat on the other side.

Check the tightness – and tighten it if needed.

If you like, you can use a ziptie to keep your wires tidy.

Taking the wires that have ring terminals, we will attach the red to the positive and black to the negative terminals on the battery.

Using a small bolt, push the bolt through the battery and attach the ring terminal on the other side with a washer and nut.

Connect the battery power to the modem, by snapping into place, you’ll notice the green light will turn on which will indicate power.

Attach the face of the motion sensor back to the top of the 4×4 box.

You can close the box at this point and tighten the latches

Testing the Display

Each unit will have a default password of 0000 or 1111. You can test the alarm by arming the system.

Press 1 to arm. As is arms, a red light will flash on the motion sensor. You’ll want to cover the motion sensor at this point with a rag. The default time to arm is 30 seconds.

Once the alarm is “armed”, take the rag off the motion detector. You’ll hear a tripping noise. You will have 30 seconds to disarm the alarm or you’ll hear the siren go off and the strobe light will begin to blink.

Your new Seagate alarm is fully functional and if you have any questions about installation please see your printed install guide or call us at (877) 897-1728.