Seagate Mobile Alarm: Demo Video

Most job sites lack three things needed for almost every alarm system –

  • Power
  • Internet Connection
  • GPS location tracking

With innovative solutions for power, internet, and tracking, a Seagate Mobile Alarm system helps keep track of your tools and equipment on mobile job sites.

Always On

The Seagate alarm is powered by solar power with a battery backup. We utilize 24/7 cloud-based satellite GPS tracking. Even in hard-to-reach cell signal areas – the Seagate Alarm system has your location. No need to input data every time your mobile crews stop, we sync your location with our web portal – making sure you’re connected to the correct first responders in case of an alarm activation.

Always Has Your Current Location

The Seagate alarm has a motion sensor that trips, signaling that a person has roughly 30 seconds before our powerful siren emits an ear-piercing sound. Trespassers can try to deactivate the alarm but within moments of the alarm tripping, the location of your trailer has already been sent to first responders, Seagate’s 24/7 alarm monitoring center, and your current alarm administrators.

24/7 Remote Access

Our web-based portal gives you the access you need to set up users and keep track of your trailers and fleet at all times. Through the portal, users can remotely activate or deactivate your Seagate Alarm. Manage your users with unique codes, so you know who on your team alarmed or disarmed the unit.

A Seagate mobile alarm gives you the ability to secure your tools and equipment in a remote location.

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