Large heavy equipment on a construction project.

Although there are a lot of security measures that you can take to help strengthen your construction site security, your site can still be vulnerable to theft without a robust mobile security system. Keeping lights on at night and making sure that all equipment, tools, and materials are in their proper place and accounted for at the end of the day adds levels of security. The following are a few ways in which a mobile security system can help to enhance your construction site security even further and prevent theft:

1. The Presence of a Security System Can Discourage Thieves

Professional thieves tend to stake out construction sites in order to note any weaknesses in their security. If they see that you have a mobile security system installed, they will be less likely to attempt a theft because they know that the risk of being caught will be greater. It’s also worth noting that many of the thefts that occur on construction sites are perpetrated by employees.

Construction site workers are freelancers who aren’t as concerned about their job positions since they’ll move on to another job once their current work is done. If they realize that your site isn’t secure, they’re more likely to be tempted to steal materials or tools. They may even work with thieves on the outside to coordinate the theft of heavier equipment. If they know there’s a security system in place, they won’t be as tempted.

2. Install Mobile Alarms Where They Will be Most Effective

First of all, installing permanent security systems doesn’t make sense since construction site work is a temporary job. However, mobile alarm systems are the perfect solution. Not only are the mobile alarm systems we install at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions portable, they do not require a phone line or a permanent power source to be installed since they are solar battery-operated. This means you can install your mobile alarms in areas that are most vulnerable to theft, such as near where you keep your heavy equipment stored overnight. Such flexibility allows you to secure your site much more effectively.

3. Scare Thieves Away in the Middle of the Act

Thieves who make an attempt to sneak onto your construction site to steal equipment or materials will often run away as soon as one of our alarms is triggered. Few thieves are going to stick around waiting to be caught. Our alarms come with sirens and lights, drawing immediate attention to the area. Additionally, there’s no way for the thieves to disarm our alarms unless they have a disarm code. Not to mention that our alarms are encased in steel, making it impossible to break into in an attempt to disarm it without a code.

4. Catch Thieves Before They Get Away

Some thieves may take the risk to complete the theft even if they’ve triggered an alarm. However, they’re not going to have much time to get away since our alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. As soon as an alarm is triggered, a signal will be sent off and the proper authorities will be notified of the alarm shortly thereafter. As a result, you greatly improve the chances of catching a thief that doesn’t run off right away.

These are a number of ways that you can improve your construction site’s security by implementing a mobile security system. To find out more about our portable alarm systems, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today.