Construction sites tend to be an easy target for thieves due to the valuable equipment and materials that are often left unattended, both during the day and at night. As a result, companies lose a significant amount of money every year. However, construction site theft can be prevented if proper security measures are taken from the start.

Common Construction Site Theft Targets

The following are just a few of the most common items that thieves target on construction sites:

· Construction tools – Small-scale building supplies, including construction tools, are commonly stolen — and not just by opportunistic thieves. Construction site employees have been known to swipe such tools with ease as well. While these tools don’t represent that big of a loss on their own, the cost adds up.

· Lumber – Lumber is commonly left on construction sites unattended after hours to be used throughout construction. People may steal lumber when nobody is there for use in their own construction.

· Construction equipment – Large construction equipment is often left unattended after hours. Professional thieves may target such equipment, including bulldozers.

· Valuable Materials-like copper and other metals that can be scrapped out for cash.

Preventing Construction Site Theft

Most construction site theft occurs as a result of a lack of security. Few thieves actually plan the theft of a construction site (although this does happen). Most of the time, the theft occurs as a result of the opportunity presenting itself. For example, someone drives by and realizes that there’s a stack of lumber just sitting there with nobody around — or a disgruntled employee steals a few tools to keep for themselves.

Keeping a good relationship with the workers on a construction site will certainly go a long way in helping prevent the theft of tools. However, you’ll want to invest in basic construction site security in order to prevent both opportunistic thieves and professional thieves from stealing tools, material, lumber, and equipment. To do this, you should consider installing a Seagate Mobile Security System.

The Seagate Difference

Our Seagate Mobile Security System is a self-contained system that operates on solar power. It’s tamper-proof and communicates to a central station constantly. The moment the alarm is tripped, a signal will be sent, which means that our system cannot be disabled. Our security system does not require an on-site phone line or a dedicated power source, making it perfect for construction sites. Additionally, it uses GPS hardware that makes it easy to track your trailers as they move from one job site to another.

By investing in a Mobile Security System, you can save a significant amount of money over the long term by preventing construction site theft. Not only will having our security system in place help warn you if something is potentially being stolen after hours, but it will detract opportunistic thieves, including employees, from attempting to steal anything from your site, even during the day.

For more information about how our Seagate Mobile Security System can help secure your construction site, contact us today.