Large copper spools on a job site.

Theft of equipment and materials is a constant and growing concern for construction sites. Construction sites appear to be easy targets, and recovering material stolen is nearly impossible. In addition to large equipment theft, thieves also target copper and other valuable metals. Construction sites need to increase their security to fight this growing issue.

Why Copper Theft is a Bigger Problem

When equipment is stolen, the impact is generally only on the loss of the equipment. Although there are other concerns of rising insurance rates and time lost on the job, replacing the equipment is the primary concern. However, when copper is the material thieves are after, the problem is bigger. When copper is stripped from a job site, it leaves a trail of destruction much worse than simply the value of the copper. Thieves are concerned with speed, and can rip out many days, or even weeks’ worth of work to get at the wiring or piping where the metal is. Now the project has a large delay while the damage is repaired, and in some cases, the project may even need to start over from the beginning.

Why Construction Sites are Vulnerable

Construction sites have always been targets of thieves. They’re generally open, and often unsecured. They are not always well lit after hours, and there may not be any visible security. Copper and other metal is often easy to remove when the thief doesn’t care about damage and it is easy to resell to scrap yards for cash, leaving no paper trail.

How to Improve Construction Site Security

If you want to improve your construction site security, it will require more than just a fence with a padlock. Keeping the area lit – even partially – may help, as most thieves will look for easier targets and avoid lighted areas where they could be seen. Large construction sites need a portable alarm system. Even the presence of an alarm system is often enough to deter those who are looking for a quick and easy target. When a thief senses someone might be watching, they’ll often move on. A good system for a construction site should not need a dedicated power source or onsite phone line. It will have easy arming and disarming from off-site via a network or cell, with the ability to manage through a web portal. GPS location tracking, the ability to monitor 24/7/365, and a tamper proof system are also important. When looking to improve construction site security, a system like this is a strong move toward deterring thieves.

Your attention toward improving your security will be well worth the investment when it comes to finishing jobs on time and within budget. Losing time and materials can be prevented when the right construction site security system is in place. Contact us today for more information about our portable security systems.