Managing a construction site is challenging enough as it is without having to worry about theft. Unfortunately, construction site theft is a serious problem that many construction site managers have to deal with. The theft of materials, tools, equipment, appliances, and more are not uncommon on construction sites. The reason why construction sites are so vulnerable to theft is due to the fact that security tends to be very relaxed — especially at night, when there’s usually nobody on site. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your construction site security in order to prevent theft. Here are a few examples:

Schedule Your Supply Deliveries as Needed

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to order all of your supplies ahead of time and have them just sitting there on your construction site unattended. You reduce the risk of theft if you order the supplies you need over the course of the project instead of all at once. Doing so does require excellent planning and communication in order to ensure that you receive the supplies by the time that they are needed.

Keep Your Records in Order

Make sure that there’s a paper trail that details exactly what happens to all of your supplies from the point of ordering to receiving and ultimately using. By keeping detailed records, you will be able to hold people accountable — and by holding people accountable, people will be more protective of your supplies, thereby enhancing the security of your site simply by requiring more responsibility from your employees.

Maintain an Active Presence

If the construction site supervisor is rarely on site, then workers might be more tempted to steal tools if they feel like they can get away with it. If the boss and/or manager regularly visits the site, speaks with different teams, and holds routine meetings, the oversight will deter your workers from thinking that they can get away with any kind of theft.

Keep the Construction Site Well Lit

Construction site theft is most common after hours when nobody is around. This is especially true when the construction site is hidden in the dark. Thieves will be more confident if they can’t be seen when sneaking onto your job site at night. An effective way to deal with this is by making sure your site is well lit at night. Few people want to risk being seen, which means they’ll be less likely to attempt a theft.

Install Portable Alarms Systems

Installing a standard alarm system might not be possible due to the need for a dedicated power source and phone line. What makes a portable alarm system so effective is that it doesn’t need either — it runs on solar-powered batteries. Our Seagate Mobile Alarm System will not only alert you of intruders, it will scare intruders away as a result of its flashing/strobe light, motion sensor, and very loud siren (optional shock sensors and door sensors are also available).

Our portable alarm systems are also incredibly easy to arm and disarm due to both local and remote-control options — meaning that you can monitor, set, and deactivate alarms from a computer or smartphone. Finally, due to the steel encasing and the fact that once triggered, a signal will be sent to a central unit, our alarms are impossible to tamper with.

These are a few ways that you can prevent construction site theft by improving your construction site security. For more information about our portable alarms systems, and to discuss in greater detail all of the features we offer, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today.