Construction site with heavy equipment.

When working on large construction job sites, protecting heavy equipment can be a challenge. Heavy equipment theft is often a problem on job sites, and can cost your company in time, money, and reputation. There are several things you can do to protect your heavy equipment from job site theft.

Keep Records of All Your Equipment

Everything on your site needs to be well documented. The first thing to do when beginning a new project with multiple pieces of equipment is to inventory each and every piece of equipment you have on the site. Knowing what you have on a large job site at all times will help you quickly know if anything is amiss.

Basic Construction Site Security

There is typically no choice but to leave heavy construction equipment out overnight. Whether the site is in a populated area or a remote one, basic construction site security is imperative to cut down on any equipment theft. At the very least, adding fences, lights, and basic security features such as cab locks, will deter thieves who will most likely move on to less secure sites. Linking employee incentives to theft reduction is an effective strategy, too. When employees have a reason to be invested, they will often be more proactive in making sure the sites stay secure.

Consider Working with a Mobile Security Service

Hiring a security service to assist you in monitoring your job site is a worthwhile investment. Finding a system that is portable, difficult to disarm, easy to use, and with constant monitoring is well worth it. Many mobile security systems for job sites include multiple security systems (sirens, lights, and motion sensors) and are monitored easily, constantly, and remotely. The mobile portability offered by Seagate Mobile Security Solutions allows you to move from one site to another without a dedicated power source or phone line.

Less than half of stolen heavy equipment is recovered, and what is recovered is often damaged, possibly even unsalvageable. Heavy equipment loss is not only realized in the value of the equipment itself, which is not insignificant, but in loss of equipment to complete the project on schedule, as well as time spent filing police reports and dealing with insurance claims, resulting in higher premiums. There are ways to increase construction site security, and it is an investment that can save your construction company from the many issues large equipment theft may cause. Contact us today for more information about our construction site security solutions.