Residential Job Sites are Target for Thieves

While commercial construction sites are often the target of thieves, so are residential job sites. Whether it’s the construction of entire residential communities or simply a remodeling project, residential construction sites can be vulnerable to theft. This is because thieves will go over tools, equipment, home appliances, and even the copper wiring and plumbing that’s used in construction. The theft of copper wire has gotten so serious that many states have passed laws to regulate its sale to recycling centers. Fortunately, there are ways that you can improve your construction site security.

Secure Tools, Equipment, and Materials

Many tools, pieces of equipment, and materials are often left behind on construction sites without being secured. Doing this is essentially an invitation for thieves to help themselves. Implement a site-wide practice of securing all tools, equipment, and materials in certain locations at the end of the day. Educate your workers so that they know what to do and are aware of security protocols. For example, teach them to gather the tools that they’ve used and to lock them up, whether in a toolbox on a truck, in a storage shed with a padlock, or in a room with a deadbolt, for example.

Have Materials Delivered as Needed

If you order all the materials needed for a project at once, it means that they will be sitting on your site until they are used. This makes your construction site materials an easy target for thieves. You can reduce the risk of having materials stolen by ordering them only when you need them. This way, they won’t be sitting out in the open and they’ll be used in the construction right after they are delivered.

Light Up Your Construction Site

Thieves do not want to get caught. This means that they will think twice about making their way onto a residential construction site at night if they can be seen. One of the reasons residential construction sites are so vulnerable to theft is because they are abandoned at night. Setting up lights at night can expose anyone who attempts to steal from your site.

Ask Neighbors to Report Anything Suspicious

If there are occupied homes near the construction site, speak to the owners. Provide them with a phone number and ask them to report any suspicious activity, such as if they see someone sneaking around the site at night.

Take Inventory of Your Equipment

While you should already have a lit of all the equipment you own, you should take a more detailed inventory by writing down all of the serial numbers of each piece of equipment as well as taking photographs of all equipment and tools. This will come in handy if something is stolen since it can help to track down items that were sold as well as help with your insurance claim.

Install Portable Alarms Systems

One of the most effective ways to improve your construction site security is by installing our Seagate mobile alarm system. Our alarm system is completely portable as a result of being powered by solar-powered batteries. This means that you do not need a dedicated power source or phone line. You can install them anywhere on your residential construction site. Each alarm system is equipped with a siren, a flashing/strobe light and a motion sensor (along with optional door sensors and shock sensors). Not only will our alarms potentially scare off thieves, they will send a signal to a central location within seconds, which means there’s no chance for thieves to tamper with them.

Residential construction site security is essential. Use these tips to improve your security and prevent potential theft. For more information about our portable alarms systems, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today.