Large construction site with heavy equipment left vulnerable to thieves.

Installing our portable alarms systems is an excellent way to prevent thieves from stealing valuable equipment, tools, and materials. Even the presence of an alarm system can prevent thieves and even employees from even considering theft. Should someone be brazen enough to attempt theft and trigger an alarm, they will be more likely to be caught as well.

However, deterring theft isn’t the only benefit of installing an alarm system. The following are a few additional benefits of installing our Seagate portable alarm system on your construction site:

1. Prevent Vandalism

Theft isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when your construction site is left unattended, especially at night when it may be completely abandoned. There are people who may sneak onto your construction site and cause all kinds of potential damage, whether it’s tagging walls with graffiti or breaking glass. Such vandalism can not only be expensive to repair, but it also requires valuable time to repair that could be spent on more pressing matters. If you’ve installed an effective security system, any alarm that’s tripped by a trespasser will send them running right away before they’ve had a chance to do any damage.

2. Prevent Significant Work Delays

Replacing valuable equipment, tools, and materials can be quite costly. While that’s certainly the most damaging result of theft, there’s also the time it will take to actually replace your equipment, tools, and materials. This is especially true if you special ordered certain materials from out of the country. It might take a long time to get such materials shipped to your site, which means that it could result in major delays, thereby causing you to fall drastically behind schedule.

3. Lower Your Insurance Premiums

The safer and more secure any location is, the less of a risk your insurance company will view you as. Insurance companies know that the less secure a construction site is, the more vulnerable it will be to theft and vandalism, which is why the cost of insurance will likely be high. However, they may lower your insurance premiums if you’ve taken steps to improve your security and prevent theft and vandalism, both of which would require you to submit an insurance claim. As a result, installing our mobile security system could help to lower your insurance premiums.

4. Improve Client Confidence

Whoever you’re working for is going to be much more confident in your ability to get the work done in time without incident if you have a security system installed. Not to mention that you’re certain to lose confidence if your construction site does experience theft or vandalism. In fact, if this does happen, it will likely hurt your reputation, which could affect the confidence clients have in your company as a whole.

Installing a security system can benefit your company in many different ways besides just helping to prevent theft on your construction site. For information about how our portable alarms systems can improve your construction site security, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today.