Excavator Loader At A Construction Site.

If you are supervising a large construction site, the threat of theft is most likely a very real concern. Stolen equipment and materials can cost you greatly in both time and money. Large construction sites are often targeted because security for a large site is a challenge. Tools and machinery are often in plain sight and relatively easy to access. While this may feel like an inevitable reality, there are things site supervisors can do to secure their construction sites and prevent theft.

Keep Your Site Well Lit

This is an easy step to take. If your site is dark, it’s going to be a target. Thieves rely on poorly lit areas to remain unseen, and someone who knows the site well in daylight will find it easy to maneuver their way around at night. A site that is lit is a site that will be avoided by most thieves. Rather than risk being seen, they’ll seek out a darker target. Motion sensing lights are a good answer that will deter many would-be thieves.

Trailer Alarms and Surveillance Systems

Security cameras, trailer alarms, and Wi-Fi and text alerts are a high-tech way to secure your site. Many cameras can run on batteries or solar power, which makes them easier to use in a site with limited electricity. Some cameras will have alerts that will notify you if there is activity on the job site in real time. You will know when and where the camera detected movement, which will allow you to respond right away. A trailer alarm is also an important piece of technology. Like a motion sensor camera, the alarm can alert you via text if there is movement or a door opening in real time. Siren and lights will likely cause any would-be thieves to quickly abandon their plan.

Schedule Timely Deliveries and Keep Your Site Clean and Organized

The more materials and equipment your site has lying around, the easier it is for a thief to find something of value. Try to schedule deliveries of supplies so that they arrive when you are ready for them. At the end of each workday, take the time to organize and secure all building materials and equipment. Remove keys, anchor large pieces of equipment with chains, and disable hitches so that trailers can’t be towed away. This organization will be a good way to manage your inventory, as well as make it harder to steal. Keeping records of all your materials and inventory, including serial numbers, photos, and a record of who used what when is a smart way to document what you have. If anything is stolen, you’ll know exactly what is gone and it may be easier to find and recover.

If your insurance knows that you are taking security seriously and invested in high-tech solutions such as motion sensors, trailer alarms, and surveillance systems in addition to logical solutions like fencing and keeping a full inventory, you will likely enjoy lower premiums. Investing in high-tech solutions will pay off in the long run by keeping your site secure, your losses low, and your insurance reasonable. Contact Seagate Mobile Security today for more information about keeping your large job site secure with our portable trailer alarm.