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Construction site theft has a high price. Not only does the theft have a cost in the loss of material, but insurance premiums rise, time on the job is lost, and timelines could be altered. Construction site theft is still on the rise and is a big problem in the industry. Is your site at risk? And if so, what can you do about it?

Why Thieves Target Construction Sites

Construction sites seem like an easy target for thieves, and in many cases, their assumptions are correct. Valuable equipment and materials are often left unattended overnight or for several days during the project. Small tools, large equipment, copper and metal, lumber, and even construction vehicles can be targets. These materials can be scrapped or resold for quick cash, and the risk of being caught is small. Although plenty of theft occurs from outside influences, construction site theft can also be an inside job from a disgruntled or opportunistic employee.

What Construction Site Managers Can Do

Construction site managers are not helpless, even if thieves are targeting construction sites. Some easy things to implement are:
· Establish a policy on employee theft, making employees aware of the policy.
· Establish a “hotline” for reporting crime and vandalism, encouraging use through incentives.
· Install motion detection lights.
· Enclose construction sites with fences-at minimum around trailers and materials storage. Fences should have limited access gates and be inspected regularly for holes or weak spots.

Will an Enclosed Trailer Alarm Make a Difference?

Incorporating an enclosed, tamper-proof trailer alarm into your construction site is a smart idea that may discourage thieves. Professional thieves will look over construction sites to note weaknesses in security. If they see you have a security system installed, they’ll be less likely to attempt a theft. An enclosed trailer alarm has the added benefits of scaring thieves away in the middle of the act. If a thief takes the risk to attempt to complete the theft, an enclosed trailer alarm will send a signal to the authorities, who may catch the thieves before they get away.

Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Being aware of the risks and addressing them is the best way to make sure that your sites aren’t targeted by opportunistic thieves. While there are many ways to address the problem, an enclosed trailer alarm can help protect your site from being targeted at all. Seagate Mobile Security understands the unique challenges large construction sites face when dealing with potential theft of materials and equipment. It’s why we developed a tamper-proof trailer alarm system that doesn’t require a dedicated power source or phone line. Contact us today to learn more.