Construction site security is something that every site manager needs to be concerned with. Construction site theft is a major issue. Thieves will target large sites because the crime is generally low risk. The chances of being caught are slim and the resale value is quite high for equipment. Because the equipment is difficult to track, recovery can be impossible without adequate security plans. With the right construction site security however, managers of large job sites will find that their site is much more secure.

Large road construction site with heavy equipment and construction workers.

Using GPS Tracking Technology for Construction Site Security

GPS tracking technology is an advancement in construction site security that site managers should strongly consider as an investment. Tracking software can provide you with information about where any piece of equipment is at any given time. If large equipment is removed from the job site, you will know. Geofencing systems can let you know via text or email if any equipment was moved out of the area. When you know exactly where your equipment is, you can lead the authorities right to the thieves while recovering any stolen equipment before it’s too late.

What are Things That Can Enhance Our Construction Site Security

Technology is advancing and making a difference in construction site security, but if a site manager overlooks the basics, all the technology you can implement won’t keep the site from being targeted. Simple measures are sometimes the most effective in enhancing construction site security, as many thieves look for sites where these basic measures aren’t in place.

·   Adequate Lighting

If your site is well lit, most thieves will avoid it. Motion sensor lights can help keep your site lit overnight without having to be left on all night.

·   A Locked Fence

If your site isn’t fenced, has multiple points of entry, or isn’t locked, you are inviting outsiders to explore your site. If you have a single entry with a lock and sign indicating the penalties of trespass, you are off to a good start.

·   Schedule Deliveries to Arrive When You Need Them

Although it may be convenient to have everything on the site well in advance, it makes much more sense from a security standpoint to schedule the deliveries of supplies and equipment for when you need them. If you have unused equipment sitting around, it may disappear before you even notice it’s gone.

Using a Mobile Security System for Construction Site Security

Construction site security has several goals. The first goal is to deter thieves from attempting to target your site. The second is to stop them in the act and force them to leave the theft unfinished. The third is to recover your equipment quickly if a thief is successful. A portable security system is a solution for all three. A mobile security system can be controlled remotely. If anything happens while you are not on site, this system can send alerts to your phone via text or email. Alarms with sirens or flashing lights can be set off by motion sensors. These systems are extremely helpful in protecting your site while you aren’t there. Many of those who would attempt a theft will abort their plans if they see that your site is protected.

Construction site theft is an ongoing and ever evolving problem. Site managers need to understand the risks. With the right strategies for prevention, many site managers will find that their large job sites stay secure, keeping the project on time and the clients happy. Seagate Mobile Security has the solution to your construction site security risks. Contact us today for more information about our robust, portable security system.