There’s a lot of equipment on the typical construction site. This equipment is valuable, which is why you’ll want to make sure that you invest in construction site security. Construction site equipment is one of the reasons that thieves target construction sites — especially since construction site security is often quite laxed, making it relatively easy to steal expensive equipment. However, while improving construction site security is important to helping prevent the cost associated with replacing equipment that was stolen, it’s not the only reason you should take construction site security as seriously as possible.

The Importance of Construction Site Security

The following are a few other reasons why construction site security is so important:

  • Theft can delay work. – When equipment that’s needed in order to perform specific tasks is stolen, it can delay work until it’s replaced. While you may sometimes have replacement equipment on site, this isn’t always the case. You may have to wait for replacement equipment to be sent to your site or to be ordered, which can cause significant delays to your construction schedule.
  • If your site isn’t secure, it may not be safe. – If proper security measures haven’t been taken in order to prevent theft on your site, then there’s a chance that the proper safety measures haven’t been taken as well.
  • An unsecure site can attract criminals. – Organized crime is a serious problem in the construction industry because of how easy it is to steal equipment from construction sites. If your construction site isn’t properly secured, there’s a chance you might attract serious criminals who may go beyond stealing equipment and begin threatening workers. The last thing you want is for workers to fear for their safety or to be pressured into taking part in the theft of equipment.
  • Theft can result in injuries to workers. – The theft of equipment can directly result in injuries to workers as well as non-workers. For example, if a vehicle is stolen from your site, it could get into an accident, injuring a worker or a non-worker in the process. Additionally, the theft of equipment could compromise the safety of certain parts of your construction site, which could lead to injuries if the theft hasn’t been discovered yet.
  • Injuries to persons on site can result in lawsuits. – Any injuries caused as a direct or indirect result of theft can lead to lawsuits against your construction firm.

Improving Your Construction Site Security

As you can see, the cost of construction site theft goes well beyond the cost of replacing stolen equipment. One of the most effective ways to keep your construction site secure is by installing a portable alarm system. Our Seagate mobile alarm systems are:

  • Easy to install. – They are solar battery operated and communicate over cell towers, which means you don’t need a dedicated phone line or power source to install them.
  • Easy to control. – You can activate and disarm the alarm using a local keypad or do so remotely on a PC or a smartphone.
  • Difficult to tamper with. – While most alarms use plastic casings, ours is encased in steel. Not to mention that once it’s triggered, a signal will be sent to a control center within one second.
  • Easy to move. – You can easily move our alarm systems from one site to another, not just because they are easily portable, but also because they contain GPS tracking so you’ll never have to manually keep track of them. Because of this GPS tracking feature, the proper local authorities will always be contacted in the event of a tripped alarm.

For more information about our portable alarms systems, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today. Our experienced team is standing by to help answer your questions.