Large construction equipment being stored on the job site.

When it comes to construction site security, there’s a lot at stake. After all, the materials and equipment being used at the site have a lot of value, which is why construction sites are often targeted for theft. The theft of heavy equipment can be particularly crippling. Not only will you have to replace what is stolen, but it could put you behind schedule as well. Unfortunately, equipment theft often occurs as a result of your crew, which is why it’s a risk you need to make sure you address.

Your Crew Could be Your Biggest Security Risk

Thieves rarely steal equipment from construction sites without some kind of help from the inside. They will often target crew members to help with the theft. There are a few simple reasons for this. First of all, your crew is familiar with your construction site’s security processes, thereby allowing them to provide thieves with the necessary information for avoiding being caught. They may also know where all the cameras are situated and could even disable the cameras for the thieves. Finally, people who work on construction sites are often more tempted by thieves because of the fact that they are short-term employees that are only hired for the duration of the job. As a result, there’s rarely a sense of loyalty to their employer, nor will they feel like they’re at risk of getting caught if they’re moving to another job site shortly.

Addressing the Potential Security Risk of Your Crew

Because your crew inherently presents a risk when it comes to the theft of important and valuable equipment, there are a number of measures that you should take to protect against potential theft. These include the following:

  • Don’t provide access to your security system to every employee.
  • Implement strict procedures for where equipment should be parked at the end of the day. These procedures should include parking equipment in full view of your security cameras.
  • Routinely perform preventative maintenance.
  • Track your equipment so that you know where it is at all times.
  • When equipment is idle, make sure it’s checked on regularly. Simply knowing that someone will be checking the equipment on a routine basis can detract crew members from trying to coordinate a theft (or at least make it more difficult to do so).
  • Make sure that your entire crew is aware of all of the security protocols you’ve implemented, including that there are cameras observing the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Doing so demonstrates how secure the site is and can help reduce the chance of attempts at theft.
  • Implement a zero-tolerance policy for following protocols, meaning that if anyone doesn’t follow your safety and security protocols, they will be let go.

How Seagate Can Help

Our alarm systems can help increase security throughout your job site and help to not only deter theft, but also prevent theft. This is because our alarm systems are completely portable and don’t require a dedicated power source or phone line, which means that you can install them anywhere on your job site, including wherever your equipment is stationed. In fact, our portable alarm systems are equipped with GPS, which means you won’t lose track of them either.

As for how effective they are, if the alarm is tripped, a signal will be sent to a central monitor system within seconds, giving thieves no time to try and disarm it. That signal will result in the immediate alert of local authorities.

For more information about our portable alarm systems, contact us at Seagate Mobile Security Solutions today.