Construction site theft is an ongoing problem for site managers, especially for those managing heavy equipment. Construction site theft can cost your project in dollars, time, and reputation. Many thieves target construction sites because the chances of getting caught are low, and the reward for selling the equipment is high. This isn’t, however, a hopeless situation for construction site managers. There are many strategies you can implement to ensure your large job site isn’t an easy target.

Men working on construction site with scaffold and building with sunset.

Don’t Forget the Basics of Construction Site Security

Although there are higher tech options that are good investments for those managing large construction sites, the basics of construction site security cannot be overlooked. If your site looks like an easy target, your chances of construction site theft will be much higher. If you have a locked fence with signs indicating the penalties for trespassing, and minimal entry points, your site becomes a more difficult target.

It’s also important to schedule your deliveries of supplies and equipment so they arrive when you need them. If you have too much delivered too soon, there may be supplies and equipment just sitting on the site, waiting to disappear. This can entice a would-be thief.

Equipment Identification and Inventory

One of the biggest issues with construction site theft recovery is the lack of identifying paperwork to assist in recovery. Identifying and tracking the entire inventory of equipment and tools, with unique markers in multiple locations on the equipment, is a smart thing to do. Knowing exactly what you have on site and exactly where it should be at any given time will help you quickly realize if anything is missing, and will deter thieves from taking anything that can be tracked and recovered.

Adequate Lighting

Adequate lighting is key for construction site security. If a site is well lit, most thieves will pass in favor of an easier target. If lighting is not adequate, any other security features, such as video surveillance, will not perform as well. Motion sensor lighting is a popular choice that will require less electricity while still allowing for security. Motion sensor lighting may startle thieves who are approaching your site, which is a significant deterrent against them proceeding.

Portable Security System with Video Surveillance

A portable security system is an excellent way to deter thieves, as well as to make recovery easier if any thieves are successful. Portable security systems can be controlled remotely and can send alerts to your phone via text message or email. Motion sensors can set off alarms with sirens and flashing lights, and most would-be thieves will not risk going through with theft. A portable alarm system can monitor your site full-time, making it a quality investment for your project. Additional video surveillance will further help aid in recovery and in apprehending any would-be thieves.

Construction Site Security Technology

Technology has made many advances in construction site security and it’s worth you taking advantage of these new developments. Geofencing systems will let you know, via text or email, if a piece of equipment is moved off the job site. It can also alert you if any equipment is started outside of working hours. Tracking software with GPS can also provide you with information about where your equipment is at any given time.

Construction site security is an ever-evolving process. While construction site theft may be an ongoing process, there are plenty of things that construction site managers can do to keep their site secure and running efficiently. We can help. With Seagate Mobile Security, you’ll enjoy 24/7 monitoring with a state-of-the-art, tamperproof portable security system. Our system requires no phone line or outside power source, which is one of the many unique features we offer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your site secure.