Technology is ever advancing, and construction site security is benefitting from these new trends. Commercial construction site theft is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed, and technology is making this easier for construction site managers. At the same time, it is making it harder for any would-be thieves. In the past, construction site theft was a relatively low-risk, high-reward crime because theft was difficult to deter and recovery was even harder. Thankfully, technology is changing this.

Large construction site manager looking at the drawings.

Geo-fencing and GPS Tracking

With geo-fencing and GPS tracking, you can be notified by text or email the moment a piece of equipment is removed from your job site, or if a piece of equipment has been started outside of work hours. A telematic system uses GPS technology, monitoring sensors, and diagnostics to track equipment and can be accessed through your phone. Geo-fencing will create a virtual perimeter around your site and can shut down a piece of equipment if it’s moved out of a designated area.

Security Trailer Systems

Portable alarm systems are essential to securing a large commercial construction site. A solar powered system ensures that you will never run out of power and the system is truly portable. Look for a portable alarm system that includes:

  • Motion sensors to trigger alarm.
  • Siren and flashing/strobe light for audible and visual deterrent.
  • Cell notification through multiple carriers.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring capabilities
  • Ability to remotely arm and disarm.
  • Automated arming and disarming schedule.
  • Reverse geocoding for location tracking to alert proper local authorities within seconds.
  • Web portal management.
  • Tamperproof, steel enclosure.

Security Cameras on Site

Visible security cameras are a strong deterrent to would-be thieves. Most thieves who target large commercial construction sites do so because they believe security to be minimal. Solar powered cameras with battery backups allow cameras to be placed wherever you’d like, regardless of power sources. Motion detecting and sensors can then be used to activate cameras.

RFID Tracking on Site

RFID (radio-frequency identification) consists of a reader that will transmit a signal to a tag. RFID tags are being used more often on construction sites to keep track of tools and equipment. These solutions will keep track of which tools were checked out by which employee and when they were returned.

Construction Site Security with Drones and Robots

Drone surveillance is a fast-rising product in technology for large construction site security. Drones can handle mapping, measurements, weather patterns, and construction site landscape in addition to security. Using a drone to monitor security can be a replacement for hiring a security guard. Drones can even be operated by a phone or tablet.

Keyless Ignition

An entire product line will often use the same ignition key. The benefits are that the owner can operate all their equipment easily, it is easy to replace a lost key, and there are plenty of spares. The downside is that if a thief gets their hands on one key, they have access to all your equipment. In fact, keys for large construction equipment can be found on eBay or Amazon. A keyless ignition system will require the operator to input a PIN. PINs can be changed when employees leave the site or after a certain number of days.

When it comes to large commercial construction site security, embracing technology can keep your site safe and your equipment secure for the duration of your project. Having the right combination of security measures is key to the success of your efforts. Installing a portable trailer alarm system like the one we offer from Seagate Mobile Security is a smart first step in your plan. Our unique features will provide an immediate, secure barrier between you and the thieves you are working to deter. For more information about our innovative construction site security solution, contact us today.