Large earth moving heavy equipment used in large construction jobs.

As a supervisor on a large construction site, you know that theft happens. Construction site theft is a big business all on its own, with thieves targeting sites for equipment and materials to sell. Construction site supervisors may feel that theft is inevitable and there is nothing they can do but hope for the best and deal with the problem when it happens, but when these supervisors look at what they have to lose, investing in construction site security is a smart strategy.

The Cost of Lost Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is the most expensive financial loss. The most popular targets for thieves are:

  • Wheeled and tracked loaders.
  • Towables such as generators, cement mixers, welders, air compressors, and light towers.
  • Skid steer loaders, which may include attachments such as small cranes and forklifts.
  • Excavators
  • Utility task vehicles

The Cost of Lost Tools and Materials

The average construction company has hundreds or even thousands of small and medium tools in use on a large job. Nail guns, power drills and impact drivers are tools that are often targeted. These lost tools are obviously less expensive to replace than large equipment, but they are often not covered by insurance. Even if they are, the cost of the deductible outweighs the cost of replacement, and most construction companies are simply responsible for buying the replacement. Materials from the job site, such as copper wire, is another prime target for thieves, and when copper wire is targeted, many times the damage from the hasty removal will require significant repair.

The Cost of Lost Productivity

Construction theft has additional hidden costs in lost productivity. When equipment and tools are missing from your job site, the work can not proceed as scheduled. Often, missing items are not noticed until they are needed, and by then, the delay will set your project back. You will not only miss deadlines on the current project but may have to delay upcoming work as well. Delays can damage your reputation, costing you future projects. And a delay in work has increased costs for labor, insurance, and other equipment.

Prevent These Losses by Improving Your Construction Site Security

Rather than accepting these losses as inevitable, taking a few steps to invest in construction site security can help minimize or even avoid these losses altogether. Motion sensor lighting, fences, and mobile security systems can all help deter thieves. These systems can work together. Mobile cameras can be placed at access points (such as gates in the fences) with motion sensor lights triggering at the same spot. Thieves targeting construction sites are looking for easy access and no security. If your site lets them know there is a risk of being caught, they will often abandon the plan and look for a less secure site to target.

Locking up keys and tools, chaining equipment, and using wheel locks can also help deter theft. Small tools can be tagged with chips for GPS tracking, which will aid in recovery. Keeping accurate records to have only the supplies and materials you need is another way to avoid having a surplus of material on site to be potentially stolen.

Construction site theft can hurt your business. Not only will you have the financial loss and delay in the project, but clients may lose confidence in your business. There are mobile security systems that can protect your construction site and minimize your losses. Contact Seagate Mobile Security for more information about our tamper proof alarm system. With no need for a dedicated power source, mobile access for arming and disarming, and 24 hour monitoring, you can have peace of mind knowing your site is secure.