Construction worker standing next to heavy equipment on the job site.

If you are a construction site manager, construction site security is most likely one of your concerns. Maybe you’ve had equipment stolen in the past, or maybe you have just heard that heavy equipment theft is a major problem. While it can be easy to envision small tools being taken from a construction site, heavy equipment also sees its fair share of theft. Heavy equipment seems too big and bulky to steal, right? So, why is heavy equipment theft such a problem?

How Thieves Steal Heavy Equipment

Believe it or not, heavy equipment is often easy to steal. Some manufacturers of heavy equipment have a line or products that can be started with one key. If a thief gets access to a key – even by purchasing a key themselves – they may have access to your heavy equipment. Because delivery, maintenance, and pickup schedules aren’t always clear, a thief who appears to have access can remove equipment without looking suspicious.

Construction site security is also a challenge. If your construction site is dark, remote, and has equipment easily accessible, heavy equipment is easy to steal, no matter how big the piece of equipment may be.

Why Thieves Target Heavy Equipment

Stolen heavy equipment is easy to sell. It is usually not documented on site. Police are unable to flag the serial numbers because site managers don’t have them. Heavy equipment is not titled and registered, so it is hard for police to identify stolen equipment. At a resale yard or auction, buyers may look to see if the serial number has been flagged as stolen, but if the number was not reported, the sale will not raise any flags, especially if the equipment is moved out of state. Heavy equipment theft is generally low risk for a thief. The chances of getting caught are very low, and the profit from the theft is high.

Solutions for Construction Site Security

While it may seem that large equipment theft is inevitable, there are ways to manage your construction site security and prevent heavy equipment from loss. Thieves target construction sites because security is sparse. If a thief finds security measures on your site, the risk of getting caught is higher, and the thief will typically look for an easier target.

  • Register all your machines and have clear documentation of the serial numbers. This will allow you to file a police report and identify your stolen equipment.
  • Remove and secure keys for large equipment when not on site.
  • Fence your construction site and ensure that it is locked when not on site.
  • Install motion sensor lights. Having the lights near access points or where equipment is parked is the most effective.
  • Install a mobile security system, including alarms and cameras. These systems can be accessed remotely.

The cost of stolen heavy equipment is high. You will have replacement costs, higher insurance premiums, lost productivity, and damage to your company’s reputation with missing deadlines and unsecured job sites. Heavy equipment theft is a real threat, so taking measures to protect your site is a worthwhile investment. Contact Seagate Mobile Security for information about our portable trailer alarm. With a tamper-proof system, 24 hour monitoring, and no need for a dedicated power source or phone line, our portable alarm system is so versatile, and can mean the difference between a secure job site and stolen equipment.